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Jul 12, 2013 · The Results: Wetter is Better. The results confirmed what common sense has told us: if you want to keep dust out of the air when cutting concrete, wetter is …

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Dewatering by pumping should not be done while concreting is being placed or until 24 hours thereafter. Concrete should be placed continuously till it is brought upto the required height. While placing concrete, the top surface should be kept as nearly level as possible and formation of seams should be avoided. Method # 2. Tremie Method


The MEYCO ALTERA is a wet mix concrete spraying pump for small to medium volumes. This very compact spray-ing pump delivers concrete with high pressure, has a an onboard dosing system and adds a high flexability to any project. Technical features Concrete spraying system Type of concrete mix Wet mix Concrete spraying pump

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Sika MonoTop®-4400 MIC can be applied mechanically using a low pressure wet-spray equipment,progressive cavity type pump, spinning head or centrifugation method. Prepare the hose of the machine with a cement aluminate slurry or with a suitable chemical pump starter. Do not use Portland cement slurry. Thoroughly pre-wet the prepared substrate a

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Sprayed concrete is characterized by high flexibility, good economics and good physical properties. It requires the combination of advanced concrete admixture chemistry and modern materials handling technology. Nevertheless, the advantage over conventional concreting methods is outstanding: the application of concrete without any formwork.

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• Multiple spray stages depending on SO 2 inlet and removal efficiency • Overall spray coverage (>200% at 3-feet) and nozzle distribution to provide even distribution and prevent gas sneakage. • Wall rings to prevent gas sneakage near side walls. • Pressure drop vs. pumping power trade-off Contact Zone WPCA Wet FGD Seminar - December 1

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The concrete wet shotcrete machine adopts low-pressure low-speed vortex airflow conveying, and the working principle of close-range spraying overcomes the problems of plugging, pulse, and separation, etc., making the jet stream uniform and stable. Improve the spray quality.

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Aug 07, 2013 · Most wet-process shotcreting is done with ready-mixed concrete. The mix design and consistency of supply are very important to provide a mix with the workability or plasticity to be pumped through a small-diameter hose. Benefits of using the wet process include: 1. …

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Concrete repairs can be conducted with different systems and methods. In the European Standard EN 1504 Part 9, Principle 3 defines the application of repair mortars by machine as well as by hand. In this article you will learn about the advantages of machine application for both dry and wet spray processes.

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Jan 19, 2012 · The self-compacting performance of a printing concrete is dependent on the ability to extrude consistent filaments while the use of wet-process sprayed concrete principles can help ensure that the fresh concrete is conveyed effectively in the pipe and pump system without blocking.

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A line pump can be used in a range of different applications from pumping long distances to spraying pools or filling core block walls depending on the concrete line pump you hire. We also have mobile boom pumps including a 40m Schwing boom pump and a 50m Putzmeister boom pump.

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Jun 30, 2016 · Wet shotcrete can reduce dust and improve supporting strength, however, safe and efficient pipage is a key technical part of wet shotcrete process. The paper studied the pipe flow law of wet shotcrete based on lubrication layer by build the experimental pumping circuit of wet shotcrete that can carry out a number of full-scale pumping tests.

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Dry mix process and wet mix process are the two methods of shotcrete construction which are based on the time at which the water is added to the mortar or Shotcrete is a type of concrete or mortar mix that is shot onto a surface at high-speed. The shotcrete process can be performed in two ways, either using a dry mix or by means of a wet mix.

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Sprayed Concrete Mix Process, Methods, Equipments And

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Mar 31, 2020 · First, the preparation work of the hydraulic wet concrete spraying machine before starting 1. First, fix the hydraulic wet concrete spraying machine on a solid foundation. The spraying pipe must be reinforced and the pipeline must be installed …

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In 2013, the new wet shotcrete technology was rewarded the second prize of He Read More. Hot Products. Shotcrete Robot KMB Small Concrete Pump Hose Pump KBY Hydraulic Pump philippines pneumatic barrel pump working principle supplier

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Working principle is feed cement or other products into feeder, and mixing slurry under the action of screw pump, is pressurized continuous discharge, and along the pipeline conveying forward, arrived at the nozzle is introduced into the wind, slurry under the action of wind, jet formation, and spray on the wall surface. 2, feeding smoothly

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The spray contains no corrosive aerosols, so that damage to the skin, mucous mem-branes and eyes can be avoided. The spraying capacity is the main factor influencing the economics of the wet spraying process. Depending on the appli-cation, up to 30 m3/hour can be achieved. To obtain a …

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SSP-7/9 is a universal machine both for dry and wet-mix shotcreting. Accelerator pump equipped allows it to perform well as a wet shotcrete machine. Compared with regular shotcrete machine, it has advantages as follows: stable discharging, good spray effect, compact structure, easy operation, durable parts and low purchase cost.